Saturday, June 13, 2015

Talking kites

Hello everyone. I'm Mzia Gagnidze, English teacher from Gavazi Public school, in Georgia. Gavazi is located in Qvareli District.
We are participating in "Talking Kite" project.
I will tell you how we started working on the project step-by-step.
First I told my sixth and third graders, that I found a very interesting project on internet about flying kites and told them that it would be a great job from Georgian students to be involved in the project and join the world's children with the dream  for a better world. The children were glad to hear about it and we decided to make the kites.
We watched a video to study how to make kites
Next the children collected small sticks and brought them to the English Room to make kites.We gathered all the necessary materials for kites and one day we started making them. All we used, were: paper, glue, sticks, scissors, markers, scotch, stickers. The children made the kites, decorated them, colored them beautifully.
Ani's kite
Some students wrote best wishes they dreamed. Ani, from the third grade wrote the following on her kite: "I want my life to be calm and beautiful. I also want my life to be fun."
I also offered our elementary school teacher from the 4th grade to involve her students in the project.
The younger children weren't able to make the kites, so I allowed them to to buy the kites in shops.
On the 21st of March all the participants gathered in the schoolyard with their kites.I told the students that this project was dedicated to Janusz Korczak, who advocated for the rights of children.
I told them the history of his life.The children were very interested and I told them to read more about him on the internet. We took photos.

After that we walked to the stadium, which is at the beginning of village Gavazi. Before flying the kites the children said their wishes and the Big Day started.
Tatia's kite says: I love you

Children are having fun

At the stadium

At last we had a race. The winners became the 4th grader Levani Nareklishvili and the 6th grader Mariam revazishvili. The children were so excited and happy.
I hope our participating in the project "Talking Kites" was a universal movement for co-existence and tolerance."World will be better", Gavazi Public School children hope.